Why New Era

The four elements of our success

At New Era, we trace our success and the satisfaction of our clients to four basic elements:


Designing and engineering a home is not without its challenges, but New Era is unwaveringly committed to taking on each and every obstacle and implementing effective methods for overcoming them. Whether we’re creating a single-section home with 12/12 roofs and lofts, or patented truss floor systems, we deliver solutions that innovatively incorporate the customization our clients desire. We count Dunkin’ Donuts, Microtel and Subway among the companies for whom we’ve brought this innovation to life.


For some companies, customization is an extravagance … for New Era, it’s standard. We’ll work with you to build a home that encompasses your personal touch, from amenities to architectural style and everything in between.

New Era, Strattanville, Pennsylvania


Thanks to the versatile nature of our services, customers from luxury homeowners to hospitality business owners have selected New Era to build their dream residences and commercial buildings. From the shores of the Outer Banks to the inner city of Milwaukee, our homes — ranging from single- to four-story — are enjoyed by a diverse and satisfied range of individuals and companies.


New Era is ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer-driven design trends, as is exemplified by our HGTV Best New Home Design of the Year award, NAHB BSC Jerry Rouleau Award of Excellence and numerous MHI awards.